Devesh Singh, PhD

Division of Environmental Science

Yale-NUS College, Singapore



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Professional info​

Analytical and quality-focused Research Scientist armed with a comprehensive knowledge of the
theories and practices of agricultural science, augmented by PhD in Botany (specialized in plant
physiology). A top-performer and high-achiever with vast credible experience and demonstrated
proficiency in conducting and publishing refereed research. Proven ability to manage multiple
field research programs simultaneously, from design, implementation through to completion
within specifications and timeline.


English (Working language)

Hindi (Native)

German (Basic, level A1)

Work experience
Postdoctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore

​Sep 2019 - present


  • Planning and implementing field research program to evaluate differences among tree species in providing cooling and sequestering carbon in urban environment.

  • Developing a model to infer the physiological performance of a tree using morphoanatomical traits.

  • Managing and facilitating communication between the project team, ensuring clarity around established policies, procedures, and strategic objectives.

  • Managing project through organizing regular meetings with all stakeholders to ensure expectations are met timely and within stipulated budget.


Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Basel, Switzerland

​Apr 2019 - Jun 2019


  • Performed analysis of multiyear and multilocation field experiment data and prepared written report summarizing data analysis and conclusions.


Doctoral Researcher, University of Basel, Switzerland

​Jun 2014 - Oct 2018


  • Tested potential of deep-rooted plants (legumes) to lift water from deep underground (Hydraulic lift) and to “bioirrigate” neighbouring shallow-rooted plants (cereals) in an intercropping system under controlled conditions.

  • Evaluated how the presence of beneficial microbes such as arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) affect the balance between facilitative (i.e. bioirrigation) and competitive interactions two species under controlled conditions.

  • Designed and led field trials to test the efficacy of bioirrigation based intercropping designs (row-wise and mosaic) in rainfed areas of southern India for three consecutive years (2015 – 2018).

  • Planned and supervised students’ project during the block course on plant physiology for undergraduate students.

  • Supervised a master thesis project.


Research Assistant, Hannover Center for Optical Technology, Germany

Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

  • Conducted a meta-analysis on interdisciplinary topic “LEDs for energy-efficient greenhouse lighting”. In a comparative economic analysis of traditional vs. LED lighting, we showed that the introduction of LEDs allows reduction of the production cost of vegetables in the long-run (several years), due to the LEDs ׳ high energy efficiency, low maintenance cost and longevity. In order to evaluate LEDs as an alternative to current lighting sources, species-specific plant response to different wavelengths was discussed in a comparative study. See publication list.


Research Internship, Millennium Seed Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK

Mar 2012 - Apr 2012

  • Planned and conducted seed germination and viability test for six Salicornia species within a tight schedule of four weeks. Results of this study are published together with outcomes from the master thesis project. See publication list. This work was supported by STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission) grant from EU COST (Corporation of Science and Technology).

PhD in Botany, University of Basel, Switzerland

Jun 2014 - Oct 2018


  • PhD thesis "Common mycorrhizal network as a facilitator of bioirrigation for rainfed agriculture tested in legume-millet intercropping system". 

  • Course work in "Science & Policy" program of Zurich-Basel Plant Science Centre. 


MSc in International Horticulture, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

​Oct 2011 - Sep 2013


  • Specialization in "Plant Physiology".

  • Grade "Summa Cum Laude".

B.Tech in Biotechnology, VIT University Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

​Jul 2007 - May 2011

  • CGPA 8.82(out of 10).